How Does Transformational Leadership Support Sustainable Organisational Success?

Enduring organizational change – change that will last – must be lead, not managed. Shifting our mindsets and scaling of what we think is possible in our organization, from change management to change leadership, allows leaders to proactively design and embed a culture of collaboration and change that is sustainable for the long term. When collaboration and change are fundamental characteristics of your organization’s culture you have a built-in, agile system – not to simply weather change but to welcome it!

The mindset leaders adopt at the start of an organizational change process can have a transformative effect on its scope and success. Change leadership is bold, often messy, and filled with uncertainty as you give up control in order to empower others. It requires trust and an organizational culture that allows for failures. What do you need to know about organizations to design an enduring, transformative approach? What kind of leader can lead a team or an organization to this place?

Join us for this online class with Kierstyn Hunter, Ph.D. and Sam Rindell, DBA form Champlain College who will try to answer questions such as:

  • What mindset must leaders adopt at the start of an organizational change process to have a transformative effect on its scope and success?
  • What kind of leadership is required to facilitate corporate culture change?
  • What do you need to know about your organization to design an enduring, transformative approach?

Dr. Kierstyn Hunter serves as Assistant Faculty and Program Director for the graduate programs in Executive Leadership and Human Relations & Organization Development. She holds an M.A. in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University Seattle and a Ph.D. from Prescott College, where her research focused on organizational learning for gender equality in higher education. 

Her coursework, research, and consulting bring expertise in many relevant areas, including diversity, organization development and leadership; power and participation; and systems thinking.

Dr. Rindell leads a multifunctional global human resource/talent management team that is responsible for enterprise learning and development, leadership development, client management, change management, coaching, facilitation, global educational reimbursement, advisory services, vendor relations, consulting services, learning technologies, and design thinking and innovation at Cigna.

During his tenure at Cigna, Sam has played a key role in enhancing performance management across the global enterprise, significantly advanced leadership development, assisted in developing an executive coaching practice, and revamped Cigna’s global educational reimbursement program.  He also leads the Global Leaders as Teachers and Manager Effectiveness initiatives across the global organization. 

Prior to joining Cigna, Sam spent twelve years at Pfizer in various senior leadership roles within sales, research and development, human resources, and talent, learning and organizational development. Sam holds many professional certifications including: Hogan, viaEDGE Learning Agility, MBTI, DiSC, ProSci Change Management, Linkage Change Management, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Hay Group Leadership Styles & Climate, TKI Conflict Modes and is certified as an executive coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

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