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How Video Became an Essential Part of Brand Marketing

Brands are a broad representation of a company that transcends colors and logos. It’s in many aspects the representation of the company. It’s the various elements that combine to resonate with and entice customers.

The use of video marketing has changed how companies communicate with their target audience.

Here are a few factors that led to the rise of video becoming an integral component of marketing for brands.

  • The Elements of Brand Marketing

Marketing through branding is the process of creating an emotional connection with prospective and current customers. A brand is comprised of aesthetic and style elements that are meant to connect with the audience you are targeting.

Visual elements are things like the color scheme, typography and the logo. These are the elements that people imagine when they hear “brand,” but these elements are backed by other fundamental elements such as the mission, voice and values.

The voice of the brand is how the company communicates with its audience. The style of copy can be playful and relaxed or serious and scientificdepending on the brand and the target audience. It is often called the tone of the brand.

The values and mission of the brand define what the brand represents and the impact they want to make on the world. Nike’s purpose is “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world– if you have a body, you are an athlete.” The mission statement demonstrates the brand’s values of diversity and inclusiveness.

Value alignment is a way to create an emotional connection with the targeted audience. The tone of the brand and the visual elements make people feel that it’s speaking directly to them. Since 90% of buying decisions are based on emotions branding is essential to the success of a business.

  • Bringing the Brand Aesthetic to Life

When Instagram began its journey in 2010 it filled an area that users of social media didn’t know they had a need for visual content. The filling of this gap resulted in rapid growth, reaching 10 million users in just one year, and then securing the purchase of Facebook in 2012. Then came and now TikTok and the world changed.

With the help of a simple videos editing programs companies can transform their visual elements into life. While a static image that is branded is powerful but video is able to add music and motion to engage the viewer in a different method. It is estimated that videos generate 1200% more percentages over static images or text. This figure illustrates how much more the brand’s image is reflected when it is shown in a video, and also highlights another important measurement that is reach.

  • Reaching a Broader Audience

Additionally, they are and shared more than textual images or static images videos also appeal to algorithmic search engines. Videos are shown in the first SERP of Google above snippets of content and text hyperlinks.

Although Instagram hasn’t officially announced that their algorithm favors videos, it’s part of the text. Instagram has revealed that they choose the content you most interact with. When people upload videos more it is the algorithm that will present more videos to them. In addition Instagram’s latest update with Reel-first feeds illustrates this trend.

If you’re looking to make an effective video, it should look professional and benefit your company. Storyteller Studios can assist you to create stunning videos by utilizing the expertise of professionals!

They also boost reach in different ways, like appealing to those who aren’t or don’t want to read a long chunk of text. They’re a convenient method for brands to distribute information and inform their viewers about their products, services or other information.

The addition of subtitles to videos helps to overcome speaking or hearing limitations which means more viewers can watch videos. Hootsuite says that 85percent of video clips are watched without sound.

The addition of captions to videos allows text to create an even larger scale. Additionally, it is easier for those whose second spoken language includes English to read and understand because of how our brain interprets the language.

  • Effective for Education

Video is an effective educational tool. It’s been estimated that video learning can improve the retention of memories and recall of facts by 83% when compared to other media. In the quest of brands to inform their customers and establish a long-lasting consumer-brand connection, video should not be overlooked as a valuable instrument.

Brands can make use of videos to create tutorials on how to or product demonstrations as well as information that is relevant to the purpose and mission of the brand. Videos and webinars are powerful lead-generation tools for businesses that are based on services.

  • Creating an Authentic Image

According to a study in 2021 conducted by Amazon, 90 percent of the respondents indicated their trustworthiness as a crucial factor when choosing which brands to choose.

A lot of brands are taking advantage of this need of the consumer by showing behind-the scenes footage, having their employees take part in challenges that are viral and reintroducing a human-centric method of marketing. Photos provide a candid image in time. Videos are typically more descriptive.

The ability to showcase the product in use by demonstrating products and tutorials will also increase credibility and trust for marketing materials. Similar to posting UGC (UGC) as well as video testimonials can also be an element of social evidence. Organic content is crucial in the world of the influencer marketing.


Companies can’t afford to miss the value to market via video in today’s market. Although video content has changed significantly from the commercials on television of the past, this medium will continue to play a role in the consumer relationship.

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