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How to Increase Your Insta EMI Card Limit Within 1 Year?

The card limit is the maximum amount that can be debited from your checking account to cover your loan payments. When you want to buy a durable item, you can access your Insta EMI Card limit on your Bajaj Finserv portal before availing of the EMI facility. You can then go to the retailer, submit your number, and with the bare minimum of paperwork, you can have the item.

The issuer-imposed usage limit is known as the EMI card limit. It represents the most a customer can pay with a credit card. Increasing your credit score, paying your bills on time, or providing the credit card company with proof of an increase in income are a few simple ways to increase your EMI card limit. However, your lender has entire discretion over whether to grant or deny your request for a credit limit increase.

The pre-approved card limit on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is up to Rs. 2 lakh. This cap is determined by a number of variables, including your CIBIL score, monthly income, and ability to repay. Bajaj Finserv will occasionally review your loan limit for your EMI Network Card. Keep up a strong payback record to raise your EMI Card limit.

Increase your Insta EMI Card Limit within 1 Year

A credit line increase request is a smart move. Your credit score will increase, and your credit utilization ratio will decrease. There will be more money available to you in case of an emergency. Every year, if your income has increased, you can ask for an increase in your EMI card limit. Most of the time, the bank determines the credit limit and increases it. You must build trust by paying your debts on time and frequently using the card. A period of 1 year should pass before you request to increase your EMI card limit.

As a dependable customer during this time, you might raise your credit score. The bank will automatically increase your EMI card limit if you use your card frequently and pay your payments on time. Shop from more than 1.2 million products on No Cost EMI by using your loan limit on the EMI Network Card.

How Can I Increase My Bajaj Finserv EMI Card Limit

Whenever the credit policy is changed, you can raise your credit limit. Your credit history, home ownership, job situation, CIBIL score, and annual income all impact this. A strong repayment record is advised because your EMI Network Card loan limit may occasionally be reviewed.

You can get a personal loan for up to Rs. 4 lakh if you have an Insta EMI Card. Many variables affect the EMI card limit. Your Insta EMI Card limit will also change when the lending policy is amended. Every three months, the credit policy is revised. This is a periodic operation. The several elements affecting the credit policy are as follows:

Your CIBIL score

The Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited offers the CIBIL score to establish a person’s creditworthiness. The CIBIL score ranges from 300 to 900 and gives you a picture of your ability to repay the loan. Your chances of having your EMI card limit increased with your CIBIL score.

Annual Wage

You can pay back the EMIs on schedule if you receive a steady income. Your income influences the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card limit. Higher monthly disposable income increases your likelihood of meeting your payback obligations.

Occupational Status

To make timely loan payments, you must be employed and have a reliable source of income. The EMIs will be paid on time if you have steady employment and income.

Credit history from previous Lenders

You will have a solid repayment history if you have made all of your EMI payments on schedule. You must make an effort to pay all dues on time.

How to Check Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card Balance

Using the mobile app:

  • Download the Bajaj Finserv app
  • Sign in and Go to the ‘EMI option’ 
  • Go to “EMI Network Card details” 
  • The bar available beneath the EMI Network Card will have the details regarding the card limit and amount used.

Using Experia:

  • Log in to ‘My Account by entering your customer ID, Email ID or Mobile Number
  • Generate OTP or enter your password
  • Once logged in, go to the ‘My Relationship’ section
  • Locate the ‘EMI Network Card’ section and check your status, balance, expiry and other information

Through SMS:

  • SMS ‘EMICARD’ to 9227564444
  • You will be given your EMI card balance in a while

The leading credit rating company in India is CIBIL. The system automatically determines the credit limit, negating the need for a manual calculation. The credit limit is automatically determined based on your credit score and the income information entered into the application approval system. Your EMI card limit will periodically increase automatically based on your credit account’s time and usage patterns.

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