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Pulmonology Medical Billing

Pulmonology deals with diagnoses, conditions, disorders, treatments, surgeries, and medicine related to the respiratory system. Humans depend on well and properly functioning airways to function properly. There can be many aspects of pulmonology that do not allow pulmonology specialists time to deal with pulmonology medical billing and coding. Ibex Medical Billing provides pulmonology medical billing and coding services to all healthcare facilities in the United States of America. Our services and benefits include:

  • Patient information and demographics verification on the first appointment
  • Authentication and eligibility verification for desired insurance services
  • Latest technology and up-to-date pulmonology medical billing and coding software
  • AAPC-certified team of medical billing and coding professionals
  • Accuracy and precision of coding on point
  • Claim denial prevention techniques for pulmonology medical billing are valued and worked on more than claim denial management
  • Immediate error correction and claim resubmission in case of claim denial
  • Continuous follow-up and weekly and monthly reports to keep everyone updated
  • Regular pulmonology medical billing audits
  • Reimbursements for billings and techniques for underbilling
  • Charge entries
  • Immediate payment postings
  • No hidden costs and services
  • Flexible and negotiable as per your desires packages for your pulmonology medical billing and coding needs
  • A database with all the previous claim success and denial records for pulmonology medical billing and coding to avoid any errors in the future
  • End-to-end encrypted and secure database with no third-party involvement.
  • Well-organized accounts receivable or AR recovery and analysis
  • Fully HIPAA, AAPC, AMC, government, and insurance service provider guidelines complied with pulmonology medical billing services
  • Minimizing the claim denials and maximizing the revenue generation
  • Best RCM or revenue cycle management
  • We have the most accurate emergency room billing software and technology systems.
  • CPT and ICD-10 coding system for pulmonology medical billing services
  • Transparency from the beginning of all the processes
  • Immediate payment and cash flow. No holding back for any processes
  • Claim success in real-time
  • Bigger benefits in a very small amount fee
  • No fear of any unlawful activity or services as all of our services are approved by federal and international law

We at ibex medical billings have the latest approaches and acquaintances for consultations and pulmonology medical billing insurance services. We will connect you with the picture-perfect match for your pulmonology medical billing services to get you the best possible reimbursements.

The RCM or revenue cycle management for pulmonology medical billing and coding services will begin at your first appointment with a physician or the patients and ends with you getting your complete revenue, reimbursements and payments. You will never have to manage and waste time in your job, patients, and home for your pulmonology medical billing and coding again. Book your appointment with our 24/7 online assistance today. We care for you and your patients as well and we will never let you down.

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