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Best Monsoon Trek in India, Hampta Pass Trek:


It is difficult to find people who do not love to enjoy the monsoon rains. At this time, more or less everyone goes to the water, shower or sea trip. Again, many people go to that country to enjoy the beauty of different places in India during monsoon.

But wherever you travel in monsoon, you should definitely travel only after knowing the conditions there in advance. Avoid several places if you are visiting India in monsoons.

On cloudy days, the mind does not stay alone in the house, people are just travelers. So on rainy days, almost everyone feels like going out somewhere for a short tour.

One of the most mesmerizing trek in Himalaya:

In Himachal Pradesh the Hampta Pass trek is Called the Valley of Flowers. Who love the feeling of nature Hampta pass is the dream land for them.  The panorama of Hampta Pass is the most beautiful sight ever. 

The Hampta Pass famous for:

The mesmerizing view of two valleys Kullu and Lahaul gives you the most beautiful feelings ever. And the glimpse of moon shaped Chandratal Lake. 

Quick search for the Hampta Pass trekking:

Approximately the whole trek takes 5 days maximum. 

Suitable months for this trekking:

For this Hampta pass trekking the suitable months are between July and August. These months are perfect for this trekking because the view of the land is the best scenario to look at by yourself. As August is the month of flowers you can see the most beautiful flowers over there and the sight of snow. 


The whole Hampta Pass trekking and campaigning are around 26 km. 

Difficulties level of the trek:

The Hampta pass trek is suitable for people more than 10 years old. Chandratal lake trek is quite difficult but the trek is fantastic for beginners. You should keep yourself hydrated and energetic. 

During the Hampta Pass trek you could discovered Kullu, Manali, and Lahaul Spiti Valley:

The Hampta Pass trek is situated at 14707 feet in the Himalaya Pin Pangal. And it pasess between Lahaul and Kullu, and Manali the valley of Himachal Pradesh. 

Things which you should carry:

Trekking boots, a rucksack or backpack, a waterproof rucksack cover, a daypack or knapsack, thermal wear, one pair of underwear, two or three pairs of cotton socks, one pair of woollen socks, gloves, and waterproof gloves, t shirt 3 or 4, camp sandal 1 pair, 

woolen cap, sun cap, wide brimmed hat, one walking stick, one pair heavy jacket Or windproof jacket, waterproof clothes, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, chapStick, toothbrush and toothpaste, towel, soapor some dry foods, a first aid kit, knee pads, hand sanitizer, tissue rolls, antifungal powder, headlamps with spare batteries, and soap strips.

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 Direction to reach Hapmta pass trek base camp and route:

The  Hampta Pass trek starts from Manali. And begins via road.Starting in Jabra, the Hampta Pass trek goes to Chika. This particular journey travels through a forest of pine and maple trees.. And there is a Rani river which has a wooden bridge. Bhalu Ka Ghera will be the next stop after that, right next to the Chika.Once you are done with it you have to move forward for Shea Goru. From the Shea goru the next path will be Chatru.Spiti valley, bye, and welcome back to Manali.. Your hiking and camping trip comes to an end here.

By air:

You should book a flight for Kullu. After that, take a four wheeler for Manali. Additionally, flights to Delhi or Chandigarh can be purchased. Finally, to get to Manali, take a bus or a Volvo.

By road:

You can travel from Delhi and Chandigarh by bus or Volvo.

By train:

You can reserve a private or shared taxi to get to Manali from the Chandigarh railway station.

Additionally, the entire hike used to be a traditional Himachal excursion. However, if you’re still looking for more treks and aren’t satisfied with these, you can check out some of the nearby treks. Like Rohtang Pass Trek and Beas Kund trek. It will be a memorable trek also.


One of the best times to experience India in a new way is in August! Surrounded by snow-capped mountains on all sides and due to its green beauty, paragliding in the Hampta pass attracts travelers throughout the year.

Patchy mud and uncomfortable sweat on rainy days make it annoying. And so during the holiday in August, it seems a little trip wouldn’t hurt. So let’s backpack and go for refreshments to mind and body also. 


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