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How Influential Custom Rigid Boxes Are for Shirts’ Packaging

When running an apparel business, you need to ensure that your packaging is up to par with your competitors. In this contemporary world, custom rigid boxes are one of the core elements that compel people to indulge in your product, and this is where the influence of good packaging comes into play. Read on to find out how influential custom packaging is for apparel and specifically, shirts.

Fact 1: Fun Colors Make You Noticeable 

Custom packaging comes in a diverse range of fun colors that make it noticeable and increase its influence on the individual perception of people. Different colors attract different people because everyone has that one hue they deem a favorite. This is why a variety in the colors of luxury rigid boxes is crucial. 

The more shades you have, the more unique combinations you use and consequently, the more reach you will have. Colorful packaging caters to every audience, thus, making it a really fun way to increase your sales and maintain your brand image. In a modern world like ours, where contemporary art is appreciated a lot, using colors to make fun patterns is a creative way to boost the sales of your apparel and shirts. 

Fact 2: An Efficient Way of Marketing

You do not have to worry about making posts, running advertisements, or buying expensive spaces on billboards and streamers when you are working with custom rigid boxes because they themselves are a great and cost-effective way to market your product. The colors, patterns and beautification of the packaging itself make it the perfect means to brand your shirts. 

The description and details of what constitutes the product, where it was made and which company has the licenses for it make it easier for consumers who are brand conscious. This also helps build trust in the minds of the customers, consequently increasing your sales and revenue.

Fact 3: Materials Used are Durable 

Another surprising fact that elaborates on the influence of rigid boxes is that they are made up of durable materials, meaning that they can provide the utmost necessary protection. These boxes are made out of cardboard, corrugated paper or Kraft paper which are highly recommended in the manufacturing of custom boxes for shirts. They can also be laminated, which means that they can provide protection from shipping, transportation, air freight, and harsh weather conditions. 

Fact 4: Custom Designing Attracts 

Another fun and interesting fact about luxury rigid boxes is the option of customization. Custom designing attracts individuals towards your product more than you think. The ability and freedom to have packaging according to your preferences is a delight to everyone because diversity caters to everyone.  

Fact 5: They are Environmentally Friendly 

The fact that this type of packaging is so useful is because of its eco-friendly nature. Custom boxes are made of materials such as cardboard, corrugated paper and Kraft paper, which are biodegradable and do not harm the environment. Moreover, many companies are now going green and investing in soy-based inks as compared to traditional inks so that production waste and the carbon footprint are also reduced.

Fact 6: Diversity in Designs 

The diversity provided in the designs makes this type of packaging so compelling and captivating to the customers. Various shapes and sizes give consumers and the target audience the leeway to choose from a wide range of designs. Unique structures and lots of sizes make rigid boxes the perfect fit for packaging shirts and other apparel while simultaneously providing cushioning and a classy look. 

Fact 7: Magnetic Closures and Auto Lock Features are Awesome!

Another reason why this type of packaging is so awesome for packaging your shirts is that they usually come with a magnetic closure or auto locking features. These features provide security to the product as it cannot open easily. The magnet works to ensure the product remains in place. Custom rigid boxes with magnetic closures give the product a noble and simplistic look, and there is beauty in simplicity and minimalism. It also increases its usability because people can reuse it to store other items. This would also give your brand a good image and ensures an increase in your sales as their maximum usability is ensured. 

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