Spongebob Drawing

How to Draw SpongeBob Easily

How to Draw SpongeBob. Usually, when something is popular, it will hold that popularity for a few years before people move on to the next thing.

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Sometimes, however, that popularity never seems to wane, and that’s true of everyone’s favorite sea sponge: SpongeBob SquarePants.

This carefree sponge has been delighting young and old since 1999 and shows no signs of slowing down! This guide is for you if you’ve wanted to learn how to draw an adorable sponge.

How to Draw SpongeBob

Step 1

To start this tutorial on how to draw Spongebob, let’s start with his eyes and nose. Let’s start with his nose. His nose is quite long and curves as he walks.

Once you’ve drawn it to look like the picture, you can add the eye on the left. Draw from the nose and do your best to draw as perfect a circle as possible.

Be sure to leave a small gap on the right side of the eye, as that is where the other eye intersects.

Then gently pull the eye to the right, but leave some more space at the bottom right of the eye, and then draw a curved line for his cheek. You can finish this step with three lines above each eye for her eyelashes.

Step 2

It’s rare to find Spongebob without a big smile on his face, so let’s add one for this step of drawing Spongebob.

First, draw a small curved line from the nose. It should be short and join another curved line sharply to the right, extending to just below the cheek.

Once this line is drawn, draw two square shapes to form his signature teeth. Then you can finish it with a curved line from the teeth to the corner of the mouth. Remember to give it a tongue!

Finally, for this step, draw the rest of her cheek and add three dots to give her some freckles. A curved line below his mouth gives him a chin.

Step 3

The face is ready, so for this part of our guide on how to draw SpongeBob, let’s start with his body.

While it has a square in its name, Spongebob is more of a 3D rectangular shape. First, draw a rectangular shape around his face, as seen in the reference image.

As you can also see, since the lines that make up Spongebob isn’t entirely straight, you should use a wavy line.

Step 4

Start by giving him his shirt and tie for this step of your Spongebob drawing. This will consist of triangular and circular shapes, with the tie starting from the bottom line of his body.

Once you have that, you can draw the side of his body as it looks in the picture. Make sure you leave a smooth curved space on the side, as his arm will come in later.

Step 5

It’s time to dress, Spongebob! Let’s start with the arms of his shirt. These are created with some curved lines.

The right arm will fit in the gap you left earlier, and the left will come right out of his body.

Then you can use some straight lines to form a rectangular shape to make his pants. These lines will be straight, unlike the lines on her body. Add more curved lines for his pant legs, and you’re good to go!

Step 6

Your drawing of Spongebob looks cool! Let’s give him some limbs in this step of our guide on how to draw SpongeBob.

His arms are very straight in the air so that they can be done with two straight lines with curved lines for the fists at the end.

The left leg is straight, and the right is bent to show him walking. The reference image shows you how to use curved and straight lines to shape her shoes.

Step 7

It’s almost time for the last step of your Spongebob drawing! Before we proceed to the coloring phase, let’s add some final details.

Draw Spongebob

Use straight lines to separate the shirt from the pants, as seen in the photo. Then you can use thick but small black rectangles to create a pattern to show off his belt.

Finally, add some lines above her shoes to make her socks stand out.

Step 8

You have successfully drawn an amazing Spongebob so that you can have lots of coloring fun!

Spongebob Drawing

Spongebob has a distinctive yellow coloring, and the image shows how the different shades of yellow for different body parts help give him depth.

What fun media will you use for your SpongeBob drawing? I would use acrylic paints as they give the colors a vibrant look that would go perfectly with Spongebob. This is just one possibility, and we can’t wait to see what colors and art tools you use to complete it!

Your Spongebob Drawing is Finished!

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