Company Registration In India 2023

Company Registration for companies in India is now an online procedure. Recently, the MCA is replacing the old SPICe Form with a brand new web-based form called SPICe+ (SPICe Plus).

We offer a quick and inexpensive service for registering an LLC that is private through a 100% online process. Our services are backed by a large number of companies across all major cities in India. Company registration is widely sought-after by entrepreneurs.

What exactly is a private-liability corporation?

  • The name implies that a private limited business is an entity that is privately owned. It is controlled by private shareholders.
  • The liability of the shareholders of the members of a Private Limited Company is limited to the number of shares owned by them.
  • Private Limited Companies Private Limited Company offers limited liability as well as legal protection to its shareholders.
  • It can be registered by a minimum of two persons. The same person is able to be an officer and shareholder of the case of a Private Limited Company.
  • The formation of a Private Limited Company in India is able to begin operations upon receiving The Certificate of Incorporation.

What are the Benefits of Company Registration in India?

  • No Minimum Capital
  • Enhance credibility and trust and trust, make it easy to raise funds, and draws more customers.
  • Limit Liability of Owners shields you from personal liability as well as other losses and risks.
  • Separate Legal Existence
  • Improves credit rating with banks and receives support from trustworthy investors
  • Management and ownership are separate
  • Easy & Free transfer of shares
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is permissible
  • This increases the likelihood of growth expansion
  • Liability protection is a way to safeguard the assets of a business

What are the Requirements for Company Registration in India?

According to the Companies Act 2013, we must ensure that we meet that we meet the requirements of the checklist

Minimum Capital Contribution:

The minimum capital requirement for private limited company registration. A company must have an authorized capital amount of at the minimum Rs.1lakh.

Unique Name:

The name you choose for your business should be distinctive. The proposed name must not be in line with existing trademarks or businesses in India.

Two Directors:

Private limited companies must be led by at minimum two directors. at maximum, there should be up to 15 directors. Of all the directors in the company, at least one must reside in India.

Registered Office:

The registered office of a business does not need to be a commercial location. A home that is rented could be used as the registered office, as long as a NOC can be received from the tenant.

What is the Process for Online Company Registration in India?

Company registration in India will help in the development of start-ups and give them an edge over companies who aren’t been registered. It is the Ministry of Corporate Affairs that governs the registration of companies using regulations and rules formulated in accordance with the law.

  • Step 1: Application for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).
  • Step 2: Submit an application to be able to use the name.
  • 3. Filing three forms: SPICeMoA, SPICeAoA SPICePartB And SPICeINC9 to establish a private limited company.
  • Step 4. Apply for the PAN and TAN of the business
  • Step 5 Step 5: Certificate of incorporation issued from RoC and PAN. PAN and TAN
  • Step 6: Open an account at a bank that is current with the company’s name

What are the documents required for Online Registration of a Company?

  1. Passport Size Photograph, Aadhar Card and PAN Card of Directors and Shareholders
  2. Voter Identity Card / Passport / Driving Licence of Directors / Subscribers
  3. Copies of Electricity Bill /Bank Statement / Mobile Bill (Not more than one month) of Directors/Subscribers
  4. Electricity, Telephone or Gaz Bill (Business place) (Not longer than 1 month)
  5. NoC from the owner of the property along with PAN of Landlord

How can we assist you with the process of registering your company in India? Why BestTaxInfo?

The Private Limited Company Registration process is entirely online, which means you don’t have leave your house to register your company. At BestTaxInfo We finish the registration online in just seven days.

BestTaxInfo Company Registration package contains:

  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • DIN and DSC for two Directors
  • Drafting of MoA & AoA
  • Company PAN and TAN
  • Stamp duty and registration fees
  • PF Registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • GST Registration

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