It has been discontinued since August 2019

This app can play video files online. It has been discontinued since August 2019. YouTube Vanced was discontinued for a long time because of a legal problem. Google was using the app to advertise its YouTube Kids product to children. It was using it to market YouTube Kids even though the Kids version didn’t offer the same features as the regular YouTube.

Google made a bad choice with the app. It should have known that this move could make YouTube Kids unpopular among children. Since the app can be used to promote the YouTube Kids, it could end up doing damage to the overall reputation of the YouTube Kids. Google should have thought about this before making the decision. Many parents complained about the decision.

This is a controversial issue. We all know that kids watch YouTube Kids sometimes, but the concern is whether they are watching the right videos. This is important because it may youtube vanced affect the reputation of YouTube Kids. The users of this app would be disappointed to see that it is no longer available. They were expecting it to continue to be available. The reason for its discontinuation was because Google made a big mistake.

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