Yacht Week is one of the most exciting trips available

Yacht Week is one of the most exciting trips available. You and up to 12 of your closest friends can spend an unforgettable week aboard the beautiful and luxurious yachts. There will be plenty to do so you won’t get bored. But first, you will have to make a decision. There is only one yacht available for this trip. But, there are two ways to get on board. You can either book a cabin that is shared with one or more friends or you can book a private yacht. Private yachts have larger cabins than those that are shared with other guests. However, you and your friends will only be together in your private yacht. You can choose to take the yacht for a longer or shorter time. There are different Superyacht Charter Turkey types of yachts. You can choose between a sailing yacht, which is a cruiser, or an expedition yacht, which has cabins for the captain, the crew and the passengers. You will have your own room. On the other hand, your friends will stay in their cabins or bunk beds. In a private yacht, there will be enough food for everyone during your yacht week. The meal schedule will be different. There will be one meal in the morning. The menu for the rest of the day is up to you. There will be no meals served during the night.

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