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When the quality of your rented property has deteriorated due to negligence by your landlord, you may be eligible for housing disrepair claims.

This could include issues such as damp, infestation, leaking pipes, faulty boilers and no hot water. These problems can affect your health, destroy your possessions and make your home unsafe to live in.

Damage to Personal Property

If your belongings have been damaged because of your landlord’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. This can include mould-affected clothing and bedding, carpets that have been ruined by leaks or electrical appliances that have been damaged by problems within the property.

You should take photographs of the items that have been damaged and keep receipts for any replacements you have purchased. Having this information will help your solicitor to establish the damage caused and the amount of money you may be entitled to. To calculate the amount of compensation that you may receive using the housing disrepair calculator.

Your housing disrepair claim should be started as soon as you notice the issues in your property. This will help your solicitor to arrange a triage assessor to visit and evaluate the damage.


If your property has become infested with cockroaches, rodents, bedbugs, termites, and/or other pests due to the negligence of your landlord, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our expert housing disrepair solicitors in London to find out more about the possible options for recovering damages.

Many rental properties are prone to infestations because of structural problems, water leaks, or poor maintenance. In addition to causing safety concerns, these conditions can also drive up vacancy rates and reduce revenue for landlords.

Using the right approach to pest control can help to prevent recurring issues and increase profitability in your rental business. A strategy known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) involves taking proactive steps to prevent pests from entering your property in the first place and addressing issues as they arise.

The best way to prevent pests is to take precautions to keep your property clean and free of dirt and debris. In addition, make sure you educate tenants on how to spot signs of vermin and pests and encourage them to report issues promptly.

Damp and Mould

Damp and mould can cause discomfort to you, your family or visitors. It may also lead to damage to your belongings, like furniture.

Most damp and mould problems are caused by condensation. It happens when moisture in the air condenses into water droplets and appears as black mould on cold surfaces, such as walls or ceilings.

Penetrating damp is another common problem, which can be caused by structural issues such as leaking guttering and poor brickwork. Signs of penetrating damp include damp patches on walls that darken after heavy rain or gaps in doors or windows.

If your landlord fails to address the problem, you could be able to claim compensation for damp and mould. You can also take the matter to court. However, this is only recommended as a last resort. You should not do this without first consulting an expert solicitor.


Whether you’re living in NASS accommodation or rented accommodation from private landlords, a housing association or the local council, you can make an injury claim if your landlord hasn’t kept the premises in a good state of repair. This is a legal responsibility that should not be ignored and you could be owed compensation for any injuries you’ve sustained as a result of the damage to your home or the lack of safety standards.

In order to make a successful claim for a personal injury caused by housing disrepair, it’s important to prove that your landlord’s negligence directly led to your injury. This means you’ll need to visit your GP and provide medical evidence that your condition was triggered by the property’s state of disrepair.

If you’ve sustained an injury or illness due to a landlord’s disrepair, Duncan Lewis Solicitors can help you make a claim for compensation. They have a leading property and housing law department so they know how to help you get the justice you deserve.

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