Know More About Nursing Jobs in Singapore for Indian Nurses

Singapore’s robust healthcare system necessitates the constant recruitment of healthcare professionals.

One example is Singapore’s healthcare system. It is considered as  one of the world’s most successful and prominent healthcare systems. Through a focused initiative in 1994, the Ministry of Healthcare expanded and fortified its healthcare infrastructure.

It also provided opportunities for Indian nursing professionals to work in both private and public sector institutes.

Since then, the two countries have been symbiotic in meeting nursing staffing needs and building illustrious careers.

Let’s understand further about nursing jobs in Singapore for Indian Nurses

Qualifications for Indian Nurses in Singapore

For Registered Nurses-

Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree

Minimum three years experience in any 200+bedded hospital in the required departments

Age limit: 40 years

Valid Passport

For Enrolled Nurses-

Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree 

Minimum three years experience in any 200+bedded hospital in the required departments

Age limit: 40 years

Valid Passport

What Basic Benefits can Indian Nurses avail through Nursing Jobs in Singapore?

You can have a brief view of the amenities provided by Singapore jobs for Indian nurses

Salary Estimate

For Indian candidates, an enrolled nurse can expect an S$1120- S$1470 salary. And a registered nurse can expect approximately a S$1750- S$1800 salary.

Other Benefits

Tax-Free Salary

Housing Allowance -300 to 400 S$

Annual paid leave for 10 -15 days. Alongwith 14 days sick leave

40 hours of work in a week

Overtime allowance and Shift Allowance provided

Gratuity award on completion of a contract

Medical and health benefits

Cost of Living and Lifestyle

Housing and utility expenses- S$400.

Food Expenses: Average S$ 250.

Highly disciplined and ethical work culture.

One of the safest places to work.

What are the key Accountabilities and Responsibilities for Nursing Jobs in Singapore?

  • Manage and plan individual patient care using the four-prong Systematic Approach to Nursing Delivery (Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation).
  • Through formal education and self-development, stay current in nursing practice and management.
  • Participate in physician rounds and collaborate with physicians and other healthcare team members to ensure patient care continuity and treatment plan adherence.
  • Competency in nursing core and speciality skills is required.
  • Keep the work environment clean and safe.

Are Singapore Nursing Jobs a successful Career for Indian Nurses s?

Nurses save people’s lives.

While they do not have the same scope of practice as doctors, they spend the most time with patients. They play an important role in ensuring they receive the most appropriate care to promote health, prevent diseases, and avoid complications.

In addition to choosing a speciality, Registered Nurses can further their studies to pursue a specific career path. There are four career paths to choose from in Singapore: management, education, clinical, and research.

Nurses’ salaries in Singapore vary depending on a variety of factors. RNs are generally paid more than ENs, with the former earning an average of $2,400 per month and the latter earning around $1,750.

It would help if you also considered your job description, the field of specialisation, and the hiring institution. The bottom line is that the more you advance your knowledge and skills through continuing education and training, the more you’ll earn in your Singapore nursing career.

Indeed, Nursing is one of the most fulfilling careers Indians can pursue in Singapore.

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