They have enough money to cover the costs

For many years, people have had to choose between private or NHS dentistry. In 2006, the NHS decided that it was going to change the rules. At that time, it was illegal to mix the two. Now, the NHS is more relaxed and they have decided to allow dental patients to choose both NHS and private treatment.

NHS dental treatment doesn’t cost the patient anything, but there are fees associated with private dental care. Patients don’t need to pay for dental treatment at a private Essex private dentist practice. They can go to any NHS dentist, and they will only have to pay for the treatment itself. Patients will still need to pay for their consultation.

This means that patients should make sure that they have enough money to cover the costs of the consultation as well as the treatment. The consultation fee that is usually charged by a private dental practice is £75. The total amount that patients need to pay will be £180.

They can pay for both the consultation and the treatment by using NHS dental treatment. If they do this, they will need to pay £225 for the treatment alone. When you receive NHS treatment, you don’t need to worry about paying any fees. They are already included in the costs of the service.

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